Placing your first bet with bonus codes

Have you taken an interest in online sports betting? Perhaps you are new to the industry and you have been hoping to leverage your knowledge of a specific team.

Let’s take a quick look at how this process functions as well as why bonus codes can represent powerful tools at your immediate disposal. You can consider the below information if you’re considering the bet365 sign up offer.

A Quick Look at Bonus Codes

Before we get into placing your first bet, it is a good idea to examine why bonus codes have become so very popular.  As the term may already suggest, these alphanumeric phrases enable you to enjoy a handful of benefits that might not be available to generic players. Some of the most common rewards include:

  • Free Spins.
  • Bonuses as a percentage of the value of the first deposit.
  • Access to special games and platforms.
  • Higher returns on a specific wager.

These bonus codes may, or may not be used in conjunction with other offers such as matched first-time deposits. By performing an online search of the name of the casino followed by the phrase “bonus code”, you will be able to determine whether or not one is available.

However, a word of caution should be mentioned here. Only select codes from reputable portals and if possible, from the official sportsbook in question, like the bet365 bonus code. This code is likely to be valid, so the overall registration process is simplified.

Registering Before Placing Your First Bet

Registering normally takes only a few minutes. You need to provide some basic details such as your age, your place of residence, your mobile phone number, and a valid email address. Most sportsbooks allow you to enter the appropriate bonus code at this time within the appropriate field.

Assuming that all of the details you provided were correct, an activation message is sent to your email account.  You can then click on this hyperlink to complete the activation process. Depending upon the rules of the sportsbook in question, the last step is to deposit funds. You can then place a wager immediately.

We should point out one thing in regards to bonus codes. There is normally a wagering requirement attached to this code in order to reap any rewards that are offered. This will generally be expressed in a figure such as “45x”. Read the terms and conditions carefully in order to appreciate any such stipulations.

Some may require you to place a very large wager and naturally, this might very well impact your overall bankroll if you are already on a limited budget. If possible, examine a handful of bonus codes in order to determine which offers the best return rates before signing up for any single website. Read the T&Cs for the bet365 new account offer to see your eligibility.

Placing the Bet

This part will be broken down into sections in order to understand the process.

  • First, you will select the sport. This is normally achieved by scrolling through a list found on the left-hand side of the homepage (although its exact location can vary).
  • You will then select your stake. This is essentially how much money you want to place towards the bet. There may or may not be limits, but there is normally a minimum amount that you can deposit at any given time. There might be the option to select an “each way” bet.
  • This signifies that you are betting to win as well as to place (to come in first, second or third). In this case, your stake should be split evenly between the two options (this is normally done automatically by the sportsbook).
  • Finally, understand the odds. This is critical, as they will ultimately determine how much you will win or you will lose. “Long” odds are less likely to provide the desired result, so the profit margins are naturally higher.

However, keep in mind that your statistical chances of winning have likewise been reduced. In regards to most American sportsbooks, the odds are expressed in the American format, the moneyline.

For example, let’s imagine that you have placed a wager on the Eagles that is associated with odds of +240. Assuming that you have wagered $100, your total winnings would be $240. So, it is relatively easy to understand how odds work.

Once the bet has been placed, you will be provided with proof of the transaction. Not only will the money be deducted from your account, but you will be provided with what is known as a “bet slip”. This is simply an online variant of the physical receipt that you would receive if you were out and about. You can follow the progress of the specific match and you will be immediately notified in the event that you have won.


We can now see that it is very easy to place your first bet with a sportsbook. Keep in mind that using a valid bonus code will provide you with even more benefits when compared to a standard wager. The bet365 registration process is very simple and assuming that you have provided the correct details, you can become immediately involved in the exciting world of online sports betting. Please refer back to this article in the future if you have additional questions.

Last Updated by Bonus Code Generator the 2020-01-08