About Us


Hello and welcome to the Bonuscodegenerator. We don’t really generate codes, but we do have some fabulous reviews about promotions and bonus codes as well as tutorials about using them. You can also find some very helpful and thorough reviews about various operators, both sportsbook and casino. 

Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic people who have embarked on a journey to bring accurate information to bettors and gamers. The people that we have onboard are all experts in their field. They possess immense knowledge when it comes to sports betting as well as casino games. 

In our opinion, it is hard to find a person that uses both platforms equally well, so we make sure that our reviewers are people who concentrate solely on one aspect, either sport betting or casino gaming. We feel that this brings the best results and makes our users happier. 

The content that you can find on our platform includes operator reviews with bonus codes and welcome offer analysis. This is what most fans are looking for – a reliable operator with an excellent bonus. But there are other equally important pieces of the equation, and we make sure to include those as best as possible. 

Our review includes all the details that will help potential users decide on registering. We include a thorough description of the operator. We also consider the features that they have to offer (live betting, live casino, a mobile app, etc.). The most important part to us is always the bonus offer that they have going on. Since this is what new players look for, we aim to create a thorough description of the promo being run, the terms and conditions surrounding it, and the steps on how to obtain it. 

We did mention that we have both bookmaker and casino reviews. The differences are slight in the reviewing process, with the only one being that we have a special set of people for each one. So you will not see an expert punter talking about casino offers. Punters will describe the awesome markets that the betting provider has and all the bet types that you will be able to use. On the other hand, casino enthusiasts are there to tell you all about the casino games found within an online casino. 

We hope our readers understand what to expect from a certain operator after reading our reviews. Some people look for available promotions, while others are more interested in markets that one can get. Additionally, some people are more inserted in the general features and the functionality of a website. A user-friendly design and a streamlined website go a long way. 

But let’s not forget remote gaming. Most of the online activity nowadays is done via handheld devices. Smartphones and tablets have already taken over, which forced many big brands to create dedicated mobile apps for betting or gaming. We are not overlooking this aspect of the industry and will review the apps or ways of using the provider via phone. 

To sum it up, Bonuscodegenerator is here for you, and we aim to generate as many reviews as possible about the betting and the gaming industry for your pleasure.